Security Awareness
September 11th made terrorism a reality for the western world. I am certain none of us will ever forget the horror as we watched the terrible events of that day unfold. There is unfortunately however a part of human nature that tells us it will always happen to someone else and never ourselves!
On a daily basis the media report terrorist atrocities, however such is the frequency we almost become numbed to the scenes of blood and carnage shown on our televisions and are able to detach ourselves from this sense of reality.
Against this backdrop of complacency our Security Awareness Training Courses are designed to focus your employees attention on the importance of basic security and how it affects your port facility.
The Governments ‘Investors In People’ programme rightly recognises the importance of appropriate training for all our employees.
At TEAMWORK we believe to enable your PFSO to undertake their duties efficiently and effectively there must be a team approach to security issues.
The half day TEAMWORK Security Awareness course will enable delegates to fully appreciate how the ISPS Code effects your business and what the role of the PFSO entails. We focus on how your employees can make their workplace a safer environment and how they can help the PFSO perform their role more effectively.

These half day courses can either be tailored to your individual requirements and delivered ‘in house' or at our training facilities at Westgate Chambers.

For Security Awareness course availability or further information please contact