ISPS Support Packages
At TEAMWORK we recognise the importance and demanding nature of the role of the Port Facility Security Officer. In most cases the role is seen as a ‘bolt on’ to the individuals main source of employment. In some businesses this is not a major issue and the additional workload of the role of the PFSO causes no stress or difficulties. In others it places such a burden on the individual that they no longer wish to be the PFSO, which has created the need to train further individuals at an additional cost to the company.
Now the initial phase of the implementation of the ISPS Code has passed Department for Transport (Maritime Security) are embarking on inspections of port facilities under their authority to review the port’s progress. At TEAMWORK we believe these inspections will in the early stages be of an advisory nature and not a compliance audit, but make no mistake failure to comply can and will result in severe penalties being imposed. We must never loose sight of the fact that the ISPS Code is seeking to protect our National Security and failure to operate to the highest possible levels will simply not be acceptable.
The support packages contained within our portfolio are designed to cater for all needs. However if after viewing the details you feel these do not meet your exact requirements we would be pleased to discuss and arrange a tailor made package for your business.
The ISPS Premium Support Package
The TEAMWORK Premium Support Package is designed to provide a comprehensive menu affording the maximum assistance to the Port Facility Security Officer with the heaviest workload.
We believe this comprehensive package will address the requirements of the most demanding facility and provide peace of mind to all members of your team and most importantly ensure your Company achieve the very highest of standards of the ISPS Code.

The Premium Support Package consists of:

Quarterly Review ensuring the development and maintenance of the port facility security plan
Quarterly Review ensuring the implementation of the security plan
  Quarterly Review of security of the port facility to ensure the continuation of appropriate security measures
    Quarterly Review offering recommendations as appropriate to enable modifications to the port facility security plan in order to correct deficiencies and to update the plan to take into account relevant changes to the port facility
    Providing up to an annual maximum of 2 Deputy Port Facility Security Officer Training Courses. These courses may be delivered either on site or at TeamWork Training premises with a maximum of six delegates per course.
    Providing up to an annual maximum of 4 Security Awareness Training Courses that are designed to enhance staff security awareness and vigilance of the port facility personnel. These courses may be delivered either on site or at TeamWork Training premises. Those attending the courses will gain an insight into the role of the PFSO and other related security issues (maximum of eight delegates per course).
    In consultation with the PFSO the provision of drills on a quarterly basis ensuring that standards for personnel responsible for security of the port facility are met and that individual elements of the plan are tested
    Annually, in consultation with the PFSO plan, and implement a full scale exercise which will test communication, co-ordination, resource availability and response. At the conclusion of the exercise produce a report that will identify the strengths and weakness of the exercise and its relation to the port facility security plan together with recommendations for plan modifications
  24-hour telephone help-line support providing expert security advice and assistance (call outs charged additionally at hourly rate).
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