The introduction of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code ( ISPS CODE) in 2004 is the beginning of a new era of strengthening security procedures and security awareness. Highly trained professional employees in the form of Port Facility Security Officers are now far better skilled in dealing with the ever present threat of terrorist attack. An added bonus is enhanced brand protection and reduction in theft and criminal damage created by well trained and motivated employees who have attended the Teamwork Security Awareness Training Courses which are bespoke training packages of 4 – 6 hours duration.


The new focus on security is now monitored not only by Department for Transport (Maritime Security) and The Department for Transport (DfT) but also the Security Industry Authority (SIA) with their new security licensing provisions. Teamwork Security are not simply keeping pace with these developments but are leaders in the field offering bespoke training courses for ‘in house' Security Staff.


Our survey, assessment, audit and alert systems are unique as is the new policy of offering Deputy Port Facility Security Officer training courses. In line with current Department for Transport (Maritime Security) thinking the DPFSO will act in the absence of the PFSO and should consequently receive the same level of training. Therefore we are offering the full Department for Transport (Maritime Security) APPROVED and CERTIFICATED PFSO course to Deputies at a 25% discount (Conditions Apply)

Teamwork Secuirty
New Port Facility Security Officer Refresher Course.
This one-day course has been designed at the request of one of our customers and is intended to refresh the learning from the original Port Facility Security Officer training course.
Drills & Exercises

My question to you is, “are you actually conducting the drills and exercises as prescribed under the International Ship and Port (Facility) Security Code?”

My suspicion is that Department for Transport (Maritime Security) are now taking a different point-of-view. They have obviously felt the need to publish guidance notes to remind you of your obligation.....

Port Security Regulations 2009

The enhancement of UK Port Security is now an issue that attracts the attention of the European Parliament. How many of you are aware that there is a Public Consultation document lodged on the DFT website inviting your views?