Department for Transport (Maritime Security) Approval
Following our approval by Department for Transport (Maritime Security) as authorised Port Facility Security Officer trainers we are introducing training for Deputy PFSOs and Security Awareness.
The importance of the role of P.F.S.O. cannot be overstated. It does however bring with it additional workloads for the individual.
This has been reflected in the rapid turnover of trained P.F.S.Os'. At TEAMWORK we recognise this and understand the financial constraints on Companies often prevents training additional PFSOs. There is also a duty of care that should not be overlooked in that creating the position of Deputy PFSO that individual should be adequately trained for the position. Consequently we are now offering Deputy PFSO courses which are in fact the full Department for Transport (Maritime Security) approved and certificated PFSO course at a discount of 25% on the normal PFSO course cost.
Security Awareness Training. These half-day courses are targeted at employees operating within port facilities and are designed to increase their knowledge of security issues and to create a Teamwork style approach to security. After all it is in our view both unfair and unrealistic to expect your P.F.S.O. to address this critically important issue alone! The courses can be delivered either at our training facilities at Black Horse House, Basildon or at your own business premises. At TEAMWORK we understand how important it is to maintain your business efficiency and consequently will provide these short courses to suit your particular work patterns.
Chris Amos